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Broken Heart

  • I barely get on here anymore but you may have noticed I changed my profile picture. My girlfriend of almost 9 months, Stefani gomez, broke up with me today on August 29th. I was shocked, I still am. I gave her my life, I gave her everything I could, she means the world to me. I'm trying to delete our old pictures but I just can't, it's hard to believe that all of the amazing times we've had together are just going to become a memory. Her reason for breaking up with me is because she wanted to spend time with her family and friends... not me. That hurt a lot, I don't mean anything to her apparently, and it's funny because I'm probably the person who loves her the most. I'm trying to tell myself that she's just upset and this isn't real, I still hope it isn't because I'm not ready to let go of her. I rarely cry and this is going to be a monumental moment in my life.


Anonymous asked:

I was so happy to stumble across your blog. I love bottom Sam and Jared and top Dean and Jensen and could never understand why there were so few of those stories. Jared and Sam just scream bottom to me and Jensen and Dean are so very alpha male to me.


I’m the same, nonnie.

The way I see Dean/Jensen, he is totally a top and would be dominant in a relationship I really can’t see how people can few him as a sub or bottom based on his personality.

But tastes are different and there is no right or wrong. As long as I can keep bottom!Dean/Jensen away from myself as far as possible, I’m happy.

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